Akira Isogawa's DUALITY

MBFWA Resort 2018

19 May 2017

Fresh, Funky & FAST!

The pace and confidence exhibited in an extremely fluid show, drove a fresh narrative for Isogawa - highlighted by unexpected fabric choices (for men particularly), tailoring, and a wearability across the boundaries of gender not often approached in Australia - this was a highlight of MBFWA Resort 2018.

This latest offering gave notice of a complete understanding of modern youth's approach to fashion - comfortably chic, with the feeling that barriers traditionally pinned to a man's ability to "wear" as he likes can be broken down, and offers a freedom in spirit which can now be been attained with pride, however we choose to show our personal tastes in what we wear. Akira's womenswear always delivers to those dedicated followers, and this will only freshen that stalwart's wardrobe - the menswear was a delight to see, and will open a whole new demographic to the admired designers stable of loyal customers for the future.

Akira Isogawa's latest release for Resort 2018 absolutely jumped at us - the ease and elegance of pieces a little more open to question than the usual interpretation of mens and womenswear here, broke away a little from his traditional offerings of highly stylised design, for an audience he's dressed at their pleasure for many years. With a great casting highlighting this fresh vision, this collection can and should be easily applied to a new generation of wearer, eager for the dynamics of his sense of style and unquestionable talent!

Words & Imagery by David K. Shields



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