Kate Sylvester Presents 'Marisol'

Spring Summer 2017

19 July 2017

Maria de la Soledad (or Marisol) Escobar, the first ‘girl artist with glamour’ in the Latin State of Venezuela’s colourful history is the devilishly beautiful muse for the latest Kate Sylvester collection; ‘Marisol’.

Escobar assumed the role of the ‘Latin Garbo’ at a time when the blonde Superstar Swede had ruled the world of glamour and movies.

The raven-haired Venezuelan vamp, raised in 1940s Paris, whose provenance; (her families were both wealthy and lived off assets from oil and real estate) placed her in the upper echelon of the mid-century New York arts society within which, she freely circulated.

Marisol was an accomplished sculptor and artist in her own right with an unusual life story. The young Marisol decided not to speak again after her mother’s death and she developed such a passion for embroidery that she chose it as a medium to remember her mama, and spent at least 3 years painstakingly embroidering the corner of her mother’s keepsake tablecloth. In addition to long silent episodes she became renowned for also tying ropes tightly around her waist. In a bloodied show of emotion Marisol walked on her knees for a long period of time after her mother’s passing, as a tribute. A Classic passionate Venezuelan.

In fact, the collection is imbued throughout with a sexy Latin laciness and luxe fabrics befitting Marisol’s aforesaid near-royal Latin provenance. Sylvester’s beautiful collection is peppered with her own personal markers of Escobar’s rich legacy: the ’Escobar’ pumps in Sylvester’s signature blue for example - and by paying tribute to Marisol’s mother herself with the stylish ‘Josesefina’ flared trouser. 

Her collection is available now in store's and online at katesylvester.com






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