by Thian Benton-Fieulaine

09 March 2017

Young, gifted and free - Ariane Bray & Thian Benton-Fieulaine joined forces recently to showcase her latest collection.

“This image series draws inspiration from ideas posed by Ariane Bray’s 'Quiet Spectacle' collection, which in turn is inspired by the life cycle of the ‘Titum Arum’ (The Corpse Flower). Colour palette, textile manipulations and layering were executed to resemble this decaying flower, with the images making specific reference to the plant’s process of bloom. Garments are layered and stripped away like petals as the silhouettes gradually develop in complexity, with the images being cut short right before our flower has the chance to wilt.



Photographer: Thian Benton-Fieulain

Design & Styling: Ariane Bray

Hair/makeup: Shinae Goodfellow  

Photography Assists: Jeremy Lawton & Nariman Taghipouran
Model: Claudia at Unique Models



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