Romance Was Born - Disco's NOT Dead!

MBFWA Resort 2018

19 May 2017

With all the excess and extravagance we've come to expect from Luke Sales & Anna Plunkett, MBFWA Resort 2018 came to a lush and loud finish, and was the perfect way to end the celebration of local fashion, no matter what your personal style aesthetics are - they know how to throw a party, and how you should look to dress for it in the holiday moments to come!

The show delivered a wide range of possibilities for anyone with the inclination to wear these showy garments (LOUD & PROUD!), and seems set to allow an easier entrance to the brand's future inhabitants, who are beginning their own fashion journeys' with the label's sense of style and excess - by choosing to go all the way as in evidence here, or take individual pieces to highlight a more subtle vibe as the wearer chooses to suit each occasion.

It was sheer, exuberant, sexy and exciting... and just about the best way to sign off the week!


Words & Imagery by David K. Shields.



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