MADE Sydney by David K Shields

Fashion, skate and music

23 November 2016

As a leadup to the new season of SUMMER ☺ arriving to the shores of a sunburnt country, MADE Sydney was created to showcase emerging local and international designers, skaters and artists, leading the way in their respective fields. Created in 2009 as a response to the economic recession to allow more visibility and access to those working “out-of-the-box”, and under the radar of the mainstream, fashion now looks to have a home where fun and engagement are encouraged, and the energy all around the event leads us to believe it’s only going to grow in stature in the years to come!

WME/IMG have brought the global platform to Sydney, which originated in New York and has introduced us to the likes of Alexander Wang, Hood By Air and many others at the forefront of fashion to come. The concept feels more in tune with the way the youth culture and fashion savvy of the future might want to shop, dance and play - it was fresh, fun and in the perfect ambience of Sydney’s Carriageworks, with filtered light dappling on to a replica of 80’s San Francisco’s legendary Hubba Hideout, it was a welcome change to the fuss and ego that seems to envelope traditional fashion events these days.

Co-Founder Jenne Lombardo was vibrant, up front and available to all, Faith Connexion were the showcased label and they lived up to all the promised hype - the production of the show was lively and fun, and energy spilled through the space with the models enjoying themselves, dancing and laughing amongst skaters which added another dimension to the spectacle.

Overall a great debut, and we look forward to the NEXT!


Words and photographs by David K Shields




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