"Two Manifestations Of Self" By James Lowe

23 November 2016


Photographer James Lowe paints a daring inky new photo series for Black Magazine Online. The original concept behind the shoot was to give a physical form to something that does not exist, a project developed in collaboration with model and builder Katie Braatvedt, who along with Cameron Deynzer, build an incredible set—a cyc from flattened barrels with a hand grinded finish, 5m long, 1m wide, and weighed more than 400 kg.

“What is not pictured in any of these images (but I’m in the belief that just because you built something doesn't mean you need to show it)” said James Lowe, in reference to Katie’s incredible build.


Photography by James K Lowe, set design and creative by Katie Braatvedt and co-set design by Cameron Deynzer. Styling by Dan Ahwa, make-up by Athena Pessione and hair by Lauren Gunn.

Models Maisie @Unique and Maxim @Clyne.

First assists Fraser Chatham and Frances Carter. Second assist Georgia Periam

Retouching by One White Chair.



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