Vanilla Sky by Juli Balla & Janai Anselmi


05 May 2017

"Plastic, Fantastic" in every shade of the candy coloured rainbow!

Here's how we do it at Black - bright-eyed, so incredibly "chic"... and dry(sic)... :)

With the onset of the Australian dismal season, Sydney team of Balla & Anselmi show us how the playful approach to colour can do wonders for the mood, and even on the greyest of days, you'll shine always through!


Photographer: Juli Balla @ The Kitchen Creative Management 

Fashion Editor: Janai Anselmi 

Make-up: Isabella Schimid @ Union Management using Bobbi Brown 

Hair: Daren Borthwick @ The Artist Group using Oribe 

Model: India Tuersley from IMG Models



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