BLK List: Carousel by Holiday

A taste of Holiday's upcoming solo album

07 March 2014

A couple of issues ago we profiled budding songwriter Holiday Sidewinder on her journey from leaving the successful aussie group Bridezilla and transitioning into a solo artist. She's been working away with famed songwriter Mike Chapman (Blondie, Suzi Quatro, The Knack) in London developing a new body of work. At the beginning of this year, Holiday posted a note for her facebook followers:

"I'm hoping to make a record in 2014 that will increase the national birth rate by at least 1%, have security guards whistling to themselves in a quiet hour and factory workers humming in the line. I hope all of the singles become wedding songs and karaoke classics. I hope it will be a musical landscape upon which to dwell in thought and prayer. I hope you dance. I hope you well up and then beam with joy. But hey, I don't ask for much. Love, Lust & Laughter until then."

The track Carousel is a beautiful introduction as to what we can expect from the upcoming album. Holiday's trademark ethereal vocals enchant over a cinematic sonic loundscape and with each listen the track's strength reveals itself. We can't wait for the record in it's entirety.

Have a listen below...



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