Converse X Black Magazine - A classic Reborn

First up! Dylan Cook aka Biscuit

23 July 2018





Black Magazine are pleased to be bringing the much anticipated Converse One Star sneaker to life. The sneaker was originally built for the basketball court and later adopted and reborn by skaters in the 1990's the grunge scene. Today Black introduce the first of four personalities, from Auckland rocking the One Star. First up, Dylan Cook!



What do you do you and your passions in life?

 I’m a bartender and barista at Verona on Karangahape Road. I am also a passionate photographer and skateboarder.



What music have you been enjoying lately?

 I have been really enjoying the latest mixtape by Shiraz & LSJ “AKL MAVERICKS”



What does the world need more of?

 I have always felt that the world needs more people that care about humanity as a whole rather than finding division in everything. An inclusive world, not exclusive.



What dos the world need less of?

 The world needs less plastic! People need to realise the immense impact of plastic, that it’s a real problem threatening the planet. 



What hopes, plans do you have for the future?

 I am planning to release my first photography project before summer this year also hoping to spend  time in China next year.


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Dylan rocks the Converse One Star in 'Carnival Low Top Enamel Red'

RRP NZD $140


This colour and many others are available now online, Converse St Lukes, Converse Sylvia Park, Converse Manukau + various retailers across New Zealand.







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