BLK List - Dark Cloud/White Light by Joseph Michael

21 January 2014

Aotearoa, land of more than just a long white cloud but also islands of indescribable beauty. Many a photographer has captured New Zealand's natural essence but perhaps none as succinctly, and breathtakingly, as artist Joseph Michael . Dark Cloud/White Light is a series of 10 epic New Zealand landscapes (with, in some cases starscapes to match) captured in day-to-night-and-back-to-day time-lapse and realised as 4 minute films. Michael, described by Photography Monthly UK as 'king of time lapse' hiked over mountains, through valleys, scaled cliffs and weathered storms and blizzards to reach the perfect vantage points required to bring the spectacular images to fruition. 

Five super high-resolution Nikon D800 cameras, 16 lenses, 30 batteries, 4 tripods, self-made purpose-built rigs, and motion controlled time-lapse rig were among his kit. Once in position, Joseph had to continually monitor the cameras, adjusting them to the varying light levels day and night. His proudest shoot – a snow-storm captured above the Routeburn Track in Fiordland – came at the end of five arduous days filming in the rain and only after the local ranger shared his food so Michael and his crew could extend their stay. “We made it work and it’s one of my favourite shots in the exhibition. You can literally see a snowstorm blanketing the valley then melting away the next day. The results are breathtaking.

Above are six stills from the exhibition, we cannot wait to see the time-lapse versions.

Dark Cloud/White Light, the exhibition, will show at Silo 6 Gallery, in Silo Park, Wynyard Quarter, Auckland, from February 1 to February 26, 2014.



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