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Converse X rep Harry Goldie

23 November 2018



Going about his day to day life, 21 year old Auckland based university graduate Harry Goldie's life was about to change. After receiving word by Converse via Instagram and offered an all expense trip to Los Angeles, he is now subject to the Converse 2019 campaign rolling out from January 15. Co-Editor Ethan Butler joined Harry on this trip of a lifetime, talking to him about all things Converse X.




After meeting you in LA, I learnt your Converse experience only began several weeks ago. Tell us about how you were approached by Converse and your journey with them so far.


I was approached on Instagram, telling me that they would like for me to represent NZ for their upcoming trip to LA. I was shocked, I met with one of the Converse team before going away and things felt good. I then met the whole crew over there, we were all in the same boat so it was a great environment for us all get to know each other and have a great time.



You mentioned you only just graduated from university. What did you study and what are your plans for the near future?


I studied Digital Media which involves User Interface and User Experience design. Once finishing up, I was keen to explore some things that I originally didn't have time for while at university. So my plan is to focus on personal projects.


You are one of the lucky Converse X representatives chosen to feature on the Australian and New Zealand campaign rolling out from January. What did your friends and family think when you mentioned this was happening?


They were in the same state as I was, disbelief. I was really confused and wondered why out of the 500 plus Converse X community, they chose me. I know a lot of outstanding people that deserve the same opportunity. My friends and family were buzzing and got me excited for what was going to be an incredible experience.


You have an incredible and effortless sense of style. After spending time with you around the Melrose Avenue clothing stores, you mentioned a couple of clothing brands you are into. Have you always been into buying your own clothes and creating your own sense of style?


I have always noticed people who dress nicely, I suppose in the past few years I tried to do it myself. It’s just really refreshing seeing people put effort into how they look, I try to keep it as simple as possible.


You mentioned you work part time at in retail for another clothing brand… what else do you do in your spare time?


Well I was previously bogged down with a lot of university work, but now that's all over I can concentrate on the things I take pleasure in doing without the pressure that university puts on you. I plan to take a lot more photographs, do more DJing and I have a few things I'd like to muck around with on Photoshop. Ideally I wish to try and put my work out there and develop my personal style.


The Converse X programme is inspired by Tyler the Creator, one of the worlds most influential artists of your generation. While in LA, we were lucky enough to visit his amazing clothing store Golf, on LA’s iconic Fairfax Avenue. How did it feel when he showed up un-announced and what did you guys discuss in those short seconds? Converse mentioned they had no idea he was coming…


Oh it was insane, after us settling into the store with Jasper, Tyler pokes his head through one of the doors and smiles at everyone. Everyone knows that smile. I didn’t talk to him all that much. I introduced myself and asked him how he was going. I then went outside to admire his McLaren parked outside, Tyler then told me to “piss off” for taking a photo of it, we laughed. It’s a damn nice car man!


Now for a couple of simple questions what we ask all of our Converse “Stars”. What does the world need less off? What does the world need more off?


We definitely need to take notice o how much of an environmental impact we are putting on the earth. The use of fossil fuels is a huge one but todays innovation is creating some promising alternatives. I would say the world needs more people who are optimistic about the future, we need more people who set new boundaries and who are ready to explore.


What is your favourite Converse One Star sneaker and why?


I think maybe my hot pink ones, at first I had no idea what to do with them, but then chucked some jeans on and I was good to go.


Top 3 things from the Converse X LA One Star experience?


There were so many highlights. It is really hard to narrow them down. One of them was being on the rooftop of the Roosevelt Hotel for one of the shoots, I had never been in a photoshoot but it was great seeing how it was all done. Alexis the photographer was amazing and friendly and it was inspiring seeing her doing her thing in such a setting. But I was constantly thinking about how the hell I got there, it was truly surreal. The carnival was obviously a big one. I had never seen production at that scale before, the sound was incredible, and it was awesome to see many of my favourite artists in action. Another would be the block party at DSM. The store was beautiful, every designer had their own amazing installations and it was great to see retail at that level. On top of that, the music was sensational.


It sounds like Converse really hooked you up with a real LA experience, not just as a tourist destination. The last 2 days were spent at Tyler, the Creators Camp Flog Gnaw Carnival as a VIP guest. Who were your favourite acts? A lot of these would never reach the New Zealand shores!


It was really the perfect line-up for me. I loved seeing Rex Orange County, The Internet, Tyler, Jorja Smith, Little Dragon and Brockhampton. The stage design was out of this world and the sound was awesome.




Harry wears the Converse One Star Vintage Suede Low Top Pink Pop - Shop Here


Photography: Carolyn Haslett (studio) &  Ethan Butler (film)

Interview: Ethan Butler

Follow Harry on Instagram: @harrygoldie



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