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We talk to Creative Director Natalie Seagar on Ponsonby’s latest concept space

17 June 2020



Slick is an understatement when it comes to Seagar Design’s newest, sophisticated and ‘black’ focused concept space. Nestled away behind Ponsonby’s fashion hotspot, The Shelter, comes a beautiful space with beautiful people. A secluded interior master land where design and art fanatics envision exactly what they desire, whether it be the latest prints or sculptures by local and international artists and photographers, a sit down design consultation with one of the industry’s best, or just to get your hands on the latest [and gorgeous I might add] hardcover by Christian Dior or Rick Owen’s, we promise you can’t go wrong. With over 25 years experience in the local and European markets, a visit to In Black is one you won’t regret.


Tell us a little on your background in the interior’s world? I understand your wonderful mother Adrienne started the business whilst expecting you.


That’s true, Adie started a freelance design career 25 odd years ago and has procured quite the portfolio of interior work within some of New Zealand’s most significant architecture. I pursued Visual Communication and Advertising Design, but found myself drawn back to the interior industry, having worked in designer textiles and furniture. It felt like a natural progression for the business to combine our experiences and visions to create the concept store.  


The Shelter features some of the best and local and international fashion brands, a lot of the clothing being black in colour. Why did you decide to collaborate with this space? I understand a lot of Seagar’s influence comes from the European market so to us, it seems like the perfect partnership.


I think our shared belief in holistic design and quality made it a natural fit. The idea that style transcends from how we dress our bodies, to how we dress our homes, and the spaces we like to visit and explore.  The opportunity to extend the curation of this beautiful space and offer a more multi-dimensional story was exciting to us. 


When we initially met, we discussed one of the world’s trendiest topics; sustainability, and in the current climate, is quite focused on fashion. How does this trend translate to the interior design world? Do we need to start a conversation here?


I’d say it’s a fair observation that the interior industry is not as scrutinized when it comes to sustainability, particularly when compared with fashion, as a whole there is a lot of side-stepping this conversation. 

In our immediate power, being mindful and purposeful of the pieces you buy, and educating yourself on their history and importance is key.  It’s always been part of our ethos to invest in considered design and slowly build upon your collection, it doesn’t happen all at once, treasure the bits you buy and build your interior with intention. 


What can one expect when walking into the space? Who are some of your favourite artists currently exhibited?


Simone Karras is a Melbourne based ceramicist who we adore at the moment, her work is earthy, raw, textural and organic, but also simple and striking. We’re also looking forward to our new drop of Dinosaur Designs who have just released a monochromatic range that was made to live at In Black.  



‘In Black’ is located at 78 Mackelvie Street, Ponsonby



Photography: Luke Foley-Martin

Interview and introduction: Ethan Butler



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