NAC International Fashion Week - Opening Night!

Black List

27 July 2018


The first stop of NACFCW 2018 (New Zealand, Australia and China Fashion Culture Week 2018) is being held in now Auckland launching last night July 26, and continuing until the 29th July.It brings a series of exciting events featuring Fashion Shows, a modelling competition, Cheong-Sam culture festival, Kids fashion festival, and Fashion Forums between universities.


The Fashion Culture Week aims to showcase outstanding young designers and young brands across New Zealand, Australia and China, and to promote their original design concepts. The events provide opportunities for well-reputed designers to showcase their designs in front of audiences from different cultural backgrounds, and to create the possibility of travelling these new designers to new markets.


Last night was launched with internationally reputed, New Zealand fashion stalwarts Zambesi, and followed with local favourite Kiri Nathan, who going by the rave reviews and rousing reception she received from loyal fans and the entire room, can only hope to expand her reach into these other welcoming markets soon - with Shanghai looking to be next off the rank, the questions were already being asked as to when.


Character was to the fore in the form of the "models of the future" in the children's wear bracket, and was followed by representations of fashion from all parts of China shown here, and varied from the more traditional displays of elegance with ease, to colour palates and style showing the flare for the taking a chance and pushing through to the new, we know the Chinese can do and do well.


If you're in town in these next days, and have some time to spare it's definitely worth taking the time to check out what the future designers have in store for us, today featuring many of the up and coming designers from all across China. Tomorrow will feature five young Maori designers, and we look forward to sharing more on them and this exciting addition to the NZ calendar in the days to come.


By David K. Shields

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