New Chinese Culture in the Wynyard Quarter

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30 July 2018

Colour, variations in style, and many options from one end of the fashion spectrum to the other were available and to the fore on Day 2 of the NAC International Fashion Week held at The Viaduct Convention Centre in Auckland in the last days. This Festival, now in it's second year, is aiming to expand the reach of both the new echelon of designers in China, and NZ's own established and newcomer labels, and introduce each into the other's markets.


The young Chinese Designers presenting their latest collections included Niuniu Chou, who presented his art based collection Universal Gravitation, followed by Art Work by Rolans.Couture & Miss Jior bringing her own brand of Couture to the runway - something we don't get to see that much of in NZ and enjoyed by all who took the opportunity to view. It's obviously reached an audience, as she's just committed to opening her first store here, and with all designers discovering a love for NZ pretty much instantly, I think we'll see a bit more of that in the years to come.


These 3 designers have shown at various Fashion Weeks throughout China, to follow are some of the student/graduate collections, where we look to find the way those yet untethered to the need for commercial viability release their own form of creativity, aiming to find that place between both where they can make their name in what they love to do. 


Fashion like everything else is a diverse world lately, so it's great to see and celebrate the new, where the young can discover and exhibit their own sense of self. After all it's an ever smaller world, and the individual and their efforts to stand apart is something we must embrace, especially considering the trend towards creativity being lost in the fight against the commercial juggernauts, and how difficult it is for designers coming into the market here and across the globe.

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