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13 February 2019





Anna Robinson – Living The Dream!


To all intents and purposes Anna Robinson (Robinson to the wider world of music) is living the dream she always wished for. The words to her first single Nothing To Regret embody her ambitions to live life to its absolute fullest, and with that single breaking into the market here in NZ and across the Tasman in Australia at 55 million streams & counting, she’s well on her way to fulfilling those hopes. 

At 22 and hailing from Nelson, Aotearoa, she’s touring Europe right now, been signed to the powerhouse Ministry of Sound in the UK, and been nominated for both Single & Breakthrough Artist of the Year at the New Zealand Music Awards – not a bad way to kick off a career, and you’d have to say a decent sign that she’ll achieve all she hopes for. The follow up single Medicine is another of those close-to-the-heart, lyrical odes to her own short life which is following hard on the success of her initial hit. David Shields spoke with Robinson on where to next, and living the dream.



How would you define success? Is the massive interest that you're receiving allowing you the opportunity to be the artist you ideally wish to be?


I think success can’t be easily defined, because it comes in so many forms. I’m always striving for the next thing, so whilst I take each moment for what it is, I wouldn’t say I could define success by a particular moment or achievement. Having incredible support from people, and to know they are receiving my music in a positive way means the world to me. I’m experiencing so much and doing the thing I’ve always wanted to do, and I feel extremely lucky to be able to say that.


Has this quick success affected your choices and opened more doors, or created more expectation as to who you should be as an artist?


Subconsciously I’ve felt the pressure that comes with wanting your music to be the best it can be and to keep getting better and growing. I’ve found the music has a way of coming to life and sparking at the most random times, and I’ve just had to trust in that process. My best songs tend to come when I least expect and when I’m not pushing. It’s definitely opened so many doors - I look back a year ago and think it’s so crazy how quickly things happen! I’ll be going on tour with Hayley Kiyoko across Europe, and I’ve played my first headline show in London so I have to pinch myself!!


You are a force to be reckoned with, what drives you most?


My intense love of writing music, travel and the thrill of chasing my dream. I’ve wanted to do this since I can remember, always felt intensely driven towards my music, and continue to be incredibly excited by it! I love the spontaneous nature of not knowing what may happen next, or what song will be written in a weeks’ time. The creative outlet is so essential to my life.


What are the next steps on this journey?


I just want to keep growing as an artist and always make music I’m proud of. It’s going to be a big year ahead - releasing music, live shows and I can’t wait to see what the new year brings. My goal is to remain excited by everything, be honest and completely vulnerable in my lyrics, and never be afraid to try new things! 


Check her out now on Spotify!


Photography and Interview: David K. Shields

Fashion Editors: David K. Shields and Ondria Hardin

Hair and Makeup: Aimee Waterhouse-Fitch

Thanks to Taryn Kljakovic







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