MBFWA 2016 - Discount Universe by Sarah M BIrchley and David K Shields

20 May 2016

David K Shields shot this beautiful catwalk photo essay of another of this week's MGFWA 2016 highlights: Discount Universe. Styling: Kurt Johnson. Make-up: Nicole Thompson for M.A.C Cosmetics  

Here is Sarah Birchley's report on the show with Nicole Thompson's fantastic beauty looks reviewed by Gemma Elaine:

The mood in the room before the first on schedule Discount Universe MBFWA show was electric. It was the most eclectic and enthusiastic crowd which we had seen all week on site at Carriageworks, and even before the first garment was viewed on the catwalk, the anticipation and support from the crowd was abundantly clear. Discount started as a post design school project of two friends, Cami James and Nadia Napreychiov, and grew into an international pop punk design sensation through their internet presence, celebrity support and very loyal fan base. The designers referred to this collection, SIN IS IN, as 'an inquiry into love, sex, desire, art and destruction’. 

Using products from MAC Pro, Nicole Thompson designed six different makeup looks for the models, all featuring completely raw skin so that the features would stand out without making the looks overly theatrical. Colour and Shine were the focus, the two hero looks being “Blue Tears” and  “Blood Mouth”. Blue tears were expertly painted on with fine art brushes and a wobbly hand using MAC’s Hi Def Cyan and Marine Ultra Acrylic Paints and Blood Mouth featured an overdrawn oozing lip made up of a concoction of Cherry lip pencil, Crimson Lipmix and Magenta Madness pigment. All looks were finished with MAC Clear Lipglass for extra shine. 


Over seventy metres of human hair extensions went into creating a nineties ghetto take on My Little Pony hair for the models, with key hair stylist Renya Xydis colouring three metres of hair with Wella colours for each girl. Starting out as high pony on the top of each girls head, the hair was then braided in with the addition of coloured foil and set with Wella Ocean Spritz Hairspray for hold. The Rapunzelesque braid dragged behind the girls on the runway in all colours of the rainbow; the hue for each individual girl was chosen to complement the shoes they were wearing. Attention to detail for this show was like no other.


The garments were all heavily embellished with sequins, studding, safety pins and beading, and paired with embellished ankle or thigh high boots. Signature styles for the brand such as the studded leather jacket, and embellished mini dress, were reinterpreted for this collection - the jacket was tailored to be worn backwards as a top, and the mini dress was offered with chain straps in bold shades of embellished velvet. There was so much to love about this show, from the casting, hair, makeup, soundtrack, garments, and most of all, unashamed passion and raw creativity that was exhibited by all parties involved. It was truly refreshing to witness a show within the commercial Australian fashion market, that wasn’t afraid to push the boundaries. 



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