Perfect Darkness by David K. Shields


04 July 2018

Flora X Fashion.

From BLKonBLK 10 we're sharing across the platforms, stories we hope you'll enjoy in extension.

Chris Hendric is the perfect foil as muse for this intersection of fashion meeting the arts in photography - an aspect we think will become more important as the medium becomes more available to all. The narrative can achieve more consideration, and open us to audiences in relative worlds which may not necessarily have related or found interest in the fashion alone.

These days of interaction via a digital medium give us the possibility to extend our field of vision, and appreciate much more with an ease not known before. So are we able to express ourselves and hopefully find an audience that looks, listens, and embraces our own personal stories. 

The basis of floral decoration within the fashion concept is highlighted here, by the relationship to the simplicity and beauty of nature in it's pure form. It's easy to see how it can hold your attention when an absolute beauty is exposed in the forms of both man and flora, and the fashion that has been inspired by one for the other, allows the showcasing of both.

Photography, Fashion & Grooming by David K. Shields

Model : Chris Hendric at Debut Management

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