Kiss Don't Kill

Stolen Girlfriend's Club release their post-punk inspired winter collection

04 June 2020



Throughout the chaos of Covid-19, New Zealand fashion stalwart Stolen Girlfriends Club has managed to stay the course, today releasing their post-punk inspired collection KISS DON’T KILL. 


Inspired by musical sub-cultures of the late 70’s, it is the band merch of iconic punk group Siouxsie & The Banshees that provides a wealth of reference material for graphics this season.


Siouxsie, scion of the London post-punk scene plays muse for the Stolen Girlfriends Club’s second 2020 collection. However of equal measure we see the impact of legendary nightclub, Blitz Club. Frequented by club kids from different musical sub-cultures, Blitz Club became a home for everyone


Creative director Marc Moore comments: “The lack of rules with what the kids wore was a huge part of their freedom and self-expression. The club became this massive melting-pot. The outfits that the kids wore to the club became a form of escapism for them - from their everyday lives.”


Moore continues; “The punk aesthetic is always prevalent with Stolen collections but I love the addition of ’New Wave’ which brings some pops of colour and electricity.”


Shop the collection online here




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